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Wind Pieces by Women for Intermediate Players

We recently went back to the Royal College of Music, London (RCM) to celebrate International Women’s Day and talk about the launch of the Corelia Project and our new database of repertoire by women. We met some wonderful young musicians who were visiting for the day, and they inspired us to put together a list of pieces that are accessible to intermediate players.

Here it is! A list of woodwind pieces for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and saxophone with piano. The pieces range from about Grades 3-7, and many of these composers have written loads more pieces that are worth checking out, so there's a bit of something for everyone. We want to normalise diversity at all levels of music-making, so have a listen and get stuck in!

Skip ahead to Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon or Saxophone


Maria Theresia von Paradis - Sicilenne (G4)

Keri Degg - Celtic Collage:

Celtic Collage III (G4)

Celtic Collage VII (G5)

Katy Abbott - Autumn Song (G5)

Lauren Bernofsky - Spring Song (G5)

Claude Arrieu - Sonatine (1st movement) (G5)

Cecilia McDowall - Six Pastiches (‘Hornpipe’ 1st mvt is G5)

Hilary Taggart - Centre Ville (G6)


Katy Abbott - Autumn Song (G5)

Cecilia McDowall - Six Pastiches (G5)

Pam Wedgwood - Survivor (G5)

Pam Wedgwood - Really Easy Jazzin About (contains Grades 1-3 pieces)

Eileen Clews - Kaleidoscope (Fantasy & Paso Double are G5)

Ruth Gipps - Sonata No 1 for Oboe and Piano (G5-7)


Emma Johnson - Georgie (G3)

Maria Theresia von Paradis - Sicilenne (G4-5)

Errollyn Wallen - Skip (G5)

Grażyna Bacewicz - 5 Easy Pieces

Eileen Clews - Carnival Suite (G5)

Katy Abbott - Autumn Song (G5)

Pam Wedgwood - Jazzin About

Fernande Decruck - Cantilene (G5-6)

Augusta Holmes - Molto Lento

Yvonnes Desportes - En Allant et Plaisantant (G5-6)

Margot Wright - Improvisation (G5-6)

Germaine Tailleferre - Arabesque (G6-7)


Jenny Rees - Oon Tunes (G2)

Judyth Knight - Valse Française (G4)

Nicole Philiba - Venise 6 Easy Pieces (G4-5)

Katy Abbott - Bassoon 5 (G4-5)

Claude Arrieu - Rusticana (G4-5)

Eve Barsham - Serenade (G5)

Ruth Gipps - Honey-Coloured Cow (G5)

Rosalind Carlson - The Wooden Broomstick Scherzo (G5)

Nicola Termohlen - Five Animal Dances (G5)

Laura Shur - Reverie and Rag (G5)

Elizabeth Maconchy - Concertino for Bassoon (G7)


Pam Wedgwood - Eclipse (G3)

Karen Street - Double Click!! (G4)

Keri Degg - Celtic Collage Vol 2 (G4-6)

Katy Abbott - Autumn Song (recording for flute) (G5)

Adrienne Albert - Winter Solace (G5)

Therese Brenet - Prelude et Chaconne (G5)

Caroline Charriere - Miniature (G5)

Clare Grundman - Concertante (G5-6)

Fernande Decruck - Pièces Françaises (G7-8)


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