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Lin Yang

b. 1982

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Lin Yang is a Chinese composer based in Berlin. She studied composition in Beijing, Freiburg and Cologne. Her works are performed in Germany, England and China.

Yang often draws inspiration from other forms of art like poetry, painting and calligraphy. She uses music as a tool for reflecting and processing different aspects of existing artworks. Her recent music imagines the secret world of the unborn child and explores topics like pre-natal memories and the fetus’s perception of movement and sound. Her musical language is introspective, restrained and invites the listener to interpret the sounds in multiple ways.

She is a recipient of the Ernst von Siemens Composer’s Prize. Her music was published by edition Hans Sikorski.

Biography taken from composer’s website.

Nach Norden (Northwards) | 2011 | 15 mins

Solo Bass Clarinet

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