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Lawren Brianna Ware

b. 1994

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Dr. Lawren Brianna Ware, a Gadsden, Alabama native, is a graduate of The University of Wisconsin-Madison where she earned her DMA in Music Composition with a minor in musicology. Compositionally, Dr. Ware’s goal is to “write music that makes one feel.” Although she is an “up and coming” composer, she has begun to secure her place in the world of contemporary classical composition. Dr. Ware’s compositions have been featured on two professionally recorded albums (the Amernet Quartet’s “Alabama String Quartets (Birmingham Arts Music Alliance)”(2020) and Dr. Cole Bartels’ “On the Brink”(2022)) and will be included on upcoming albums by Marcus Eley (clarinet) and Lara Downes (piano). Her most recent projects include being the inaugural composer and co-founder of the Black Composer Revival Consortium, composing for the Minnesota Consortium for Black American Composers (2020), and composing and releasing an electronic music album in conjunction with comic book writer Jaromir François on the comic My Brother Teddy (2021). In July of 2022, Brianna became the first African-American composer selected to be the composer in residence for the Seal Bay Music Festival in Vinalhaven, Maine. Additionally, she is presently working with Access Contemporary Music (ACM) on their Songs About Buildings and Moods video series which explores the connection between architecture and music.

Biography taken from composer’s website.
Photo: Estefania White

Recollection and Anticipation | 2015 | 6 mins

Clarinet, Viola, Harp

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