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Jia Chai

b. 1987

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Jia Chai (Wuhan, China) is a composer and pianist. She received her BA music degree from the Wuhan Conservatory of music in China and her composition teachers have included Liu Jian, Xun­fang Huang and Xi Zhao in China. In 2012, she received her MA in Composition with distinction from the University of York, UK.

Currently she is the PhD Candidate in Composition at the University of York, supervised by Roger Marsh, Ambrose Field and Martin Suckling. She has had performances and collaborations with ensembles and performers including singer Peyee Chen in the INTIME 2014 Symposium at Coventry University, the Diotima and Kreutzer string quartets; The Irish Summer School, Chimera ensemble and YOCOCO ensemble.

She was awarded the top three prizes from the China National Composition competition and other awards in Hubei Province before she came to the UK.

Biography taken from The Hermes Experiment.

Still Night | 2016 | 11 mins

Soprano (voice), Clarinet, Harp, Double Bass

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