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Ilse Fromm-Michaels

1888 - 1986

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Ilse Fromm-Michaels (30 December 1888 – 22 January 1986) was a German pianist and composer.

Ilse Fromm-Michaels was born in Hamburg and showed musical talent at an early age. She studied music in Berlin, first at the Hochschule fur Musik with Heinrich van Eyken for composition and with Marie Bender for piano. In 1905 she began study at the Sternsche Conservatory of Hans Pfitzner and James Kwast and completed her studies in 1913 with conductor and composer Fritz Steinbach and pianist Carl Friedberg in Cologne.

In 1908 Fromm-Michaels began a career as a concert pianist, often playing her own works. She married Hamburg judge Dr. Walter Michaels, and after the Nuremberg Race Laws were instituted by the Nazis was banned from performing or publishing her compositions. She continued teaching music, and after World War II established the Hamburg First School of Music and Drama. In 1964 she was awarded the City of Hamburg's Johannes Brahms Medal. In 1973 she moved to Detmold to be near her son, and died there in 1986.

Biography taken from Wikipedia.

Musica Larga | 1944 | 11 mins

Clarinet, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello

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Stimmungen eines Fauns | 1985 | 8 mins

Solo Clarinet

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