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Marianna Bottini

1802 - 1858

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Marianna Bottini née Motroni-Andreozzi (7 November 1802 – 25 January 1858) was an Italian composer and harp teacher. She was born in Lucca, daughter of the nobleman Sebastiano Motroni-Andreozzi and his wife Eleonora Flekestein.

She studied counterpoint with Domenico Quilici and was admitted to the Accademia Filarmonica in Bologna in 1820 as an 'honorary master composer'. In 1823 she married the Marquis Lorenzo Bottini, a prominent political figure. She was one of the few women whose music was played for the traditional festival in honor of St. Cecilia. She died in Lucca.

Biography taken from Wikipedia.

Clarinet Concerto | 1820 | 19 mins

Clarinet And Orchestra

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Quadriglia | 1830

Clarinet, 2 Violins, Double Bass

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